Monday, January 18, 2010

so long vacation...

Well, it's been a good run. Considering that the past month has been on and off again vacation time. Now it's crack down time; grading, planning, photographing artwork! High energy art teacher time for the new semester. However, being the last day, I spent it well, tea, fresh strawberries, and yoga. I have found my core.

This weekend I went to the Dudley Do Right (largest, coolest, as advertised) indoor flea market in Dudley, MA. And did I make out! Vintage jewelry galore! I of course spent a good portion of my time there pouring through old, smelly, wonderful, button boxes. Deal of the day however was towards the end of the building where this woman had mixed bags of old lace and threads. She was asking only a dollar or two for each! So, of course I bought three and probably will have to go back and buy the rest. It was like Christmas going home and looking through them. Check out this amazing two pound bag of beautiful that was in there!

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