Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's still winter but,

It's still winter but, I am trying to trick it into letting me grow my plants. My first and failed attempt to bring lush green foliage into my house was deciding to set up a terrarium. I bought a gorgeous glass container, dirt, rocks, and plants. Also to be noted, the first time going into Home Depot where when leaving, I didn't want to strangle myself. Harsh, maybe, but one can never find anything or anyone working there. Always forgetting about my lack of ability for judging spacial relationships, the plants were way to large for the container and stuck out the top. So, my gorgeous glass jar is now sitting on my floor, filled with dirt, looking sad, until I can find some smaller mossy greens to put inside. On the bright side, my basil is starting to grow! The joys one finds in 1/16" greens poking out of dirt!

1 comment:

  1. I grew the most amazing basil last year, then the harsh ozone free sun fried it all in a weekend. It was so sad. So I understand your appreciation for that 1/16" seedling!