Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the small, small world that we live in!

Saturday, my brother got married! It was a beautiful, beautiful day and everything looked gorgeous. It was wonderful spending time with so many friends and family members throughout the days leading up to the big event; making favors, centerpieces, etc. A week before the wedding, we were looking at the engagement photo shoot taken by their photographer, Kim Bova. As my brother was scrolling through her site I had to stop him because one of the brides looked familiar to me. I realized then who she was and that she was wearing one of my hair pieces! I was completely surprised and excited to see how beautiful it looked on her! This I suppose was a sign that living in a small town has its perks and yes, everyone seems to be connected in some way.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer summa time...!

Well it's been a long time folks....BUT school is officially done come tomorrow evening! I spent a great, long day editing and photographing lots of lovely new pieces. Here are a few of my favorites to tide you over. Cheers to relaxing, art making, and the summer heat! Happy weekend all!