Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new patterns!

Here's to the end of another semester on my quest to conquer the trade of textile design.  The class that I am just finishing up focuses on using Illustrator and Photoshop as tools in the design process.  The repeats below came from an original painting of mine.  It's amazing how using these programs, you are able to quickly change colors, adjust shapes, rotate objects, etc to work out your composition and repeat.  I am by no means a computer person, but my confidence continues to grow as I see the perks of using technology!  I'm still unsure as to the right market and products for my designs....


  1. oooooh I love these! Especially the third color scheme! They'd make really awesome duvet covers, among other things of course

  2. um... clothing my offspring! duh! Or at this exact moment i wish it was replacing the gaudy never ending amount of tropical floral pattern in my hotel room! YOU are so talented! xoxx R and the gang.