Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The insanity of a craftster...

Well, the first big opener of the craft season is upon me. Saturday I will be showing at the Putnam Artisan Marketplace in my lovely, little hometown! I'm psyched and also wishing that I had photos of my display/booth from my very first show because I have come a long way and folks, this one is going to be stellar! I have been working like a madwoman for the past few days trying to get ready. This is only teaser too because I will be showing at SOWA's Opening weekend in Boston on May 15th & 16th where 140 artisans will be selling their handmade goodies! Here are a few studio shots, aka, my living room that I have taken over, I'm sure much to my roommates joy! Hurrah! Some Fine Folks!


  1. So pretty. Such a fun assortment of spring colors, good luck!

  2. Am i allowed to some how feel really proud of you?.... I cant wait to see you in putnam- i think we're coming to BOSTON too....